Blogs I Like: Military Moms Blog

***Utterly shameless self-promotion post***

Today, the newest member of the City Moms Blog Network launched – Military Moms Blog.  And (drumroll please)…I’m one of the contributors!

I heard of the new site from other blogger friends who either manage or contribute for one of the other 71 sister sites under this network.  I applied several months ago and was accepted, and I consider this a great honor and joy.  Not only does this allow me to write even more, it allows me to network with other military spouses, learn more about the world and the military, and to reach a larger audience with my own writing and thoughts.  The planning and collaboration have been in the works for some time now, and today was the official launch!

I invite you all to check out the blog and daily posts, and look out for a certain byline that will appear at least once a month.  🙂  Thank you for your support with this blog and my next adventure!



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