Who else gets the travel itch?

For as long as I can remember, I have wanted to travel the world.  My family has always been able to take vacations, even if they were not extravagant (and as the oldest of 5 children, extravagance is out of the question).  Regardless, by the time I was 18 years old, I had seen Wisconsin, Minnesota, Oklahoma, Kansas, New Jersey, New York, Texas, Florida, Czech Republic, and Bosnia/Herzegovina.  I wanted to see the world.  I wanted to explore the bullfighting rings of Spain that Hemingway described, the mysteries of the Oriental countries of Japan and China, the magic of tropical islands, and the history of Europe.  Even if I grew up in the Midwest, I knew that there was a great big world out there to explore.

Being married to the love of my life AND a military member has given me an affordable way to travel.  I have been to South Korea to visit my husband and explore this city that was a mystery to me.  I have driven around Italy, Germany, Austria, and the Netherlands.  I have taken trains to Venice and France.  I’ve gaped at Buckingham Palace, drunk coffee in Pike Place Market, stared into Mona Lisa’s eyes, boogied on the streets of Nashville, solemnly walked through former concentration camps, taken in Mount Rushmore, smelled tulips at Keukenhof, explored tiny Italian cities, and seen more seas and oceans than I ever thought possible.  And the craziest thing about this is I have not even scratched the surface of the world.  I still want to see everything!

We lived in Europe for over 5 years, and I became accustomed to the freedom and affordability of traveling on a whim.  Now that we are in Hawaii, I am feeling that familiar itch:  the travel itch.  I find myself searching flight watchdog sites for affordable flights to anywhere.  I want to Space-A so badly and wish for luck on my side.  I am looking forward to our trip home not only to see family but to travel.  I hate flying, but I would embrace it at this point.  Call it “island fever” or a habit to break, but it is there.  I have been trying to find new things to explore on the island and to learn about.  Our trip to the Bishop Museum was a good distraction, and we took a new hike today that did not disappoint.  But there is still an itch – the travel itch – and I am desperate to scratch at it.

For all my followers and friends:  what do you use for traveling?  Do you have a points/miles plan that you like?  Blog that you follow?  Tips for cheap intraisland and off island travel?  I appreciate all your suggestions because…

the world is calling, and I want to answer

Me outside the Milano cathedral

(wish I had more money).


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