My first big blog post!

Yes, I have been a blogger for quite some time.  Yes, I have been writing for a long time.  However, today was my first official post on the Military Moms Blog, and it feels different.  Maybe it is because this blog has the backing of such a large network or that I am submitting my work for editing and publishing.  Maybe it is because I feel I am a cog in a larger network of fantastic military spouses, and it still feels quite humbling to see my name in the byline.  Maybe it is the pride I allow myself to feel that I was chosen to write for this blog.  It could be any of those things, but I cannot express my joy and pride of this new venture.

I figured I would share this piece with you all, so click on the title below and enjoy!  Thank you again for your support all these years and for your continued readership (is that a word?).

How to Make Military Friends and Keep Them


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