Revisiting those resolutions

Now that the year is 3/4 over – which seems impossible but here we are – I thought about the resolutions I made and posted here in January.  As I have stated before, I generally hate resolutions.  I feel like it sets a person up to fail because we strive for drastic changes with unrealistic ideas and plans.  This year, I tried to set resolutions that I could manage and feel positive about as the year passed.

So how am I doing?  Let’s revisit these resolutions:

– Living kindness:  I think of myself as a good, nice person.  But there is something different about actively trying to live in kindness.  I’ve found that it can be as simple as complimenting a sales clerk who seems frustrated, taking a few extra minutes to check on a family member or a friend, sending some good ole mail for no special reason, or paying for the person behind you at Starbucks.  I’ve learned more about the island by chatting with friendly hikers than I could learn from a guidebook.  The extra minutes I take to help a client at the vet clinic can mean a world of difference to that person, and I feel like I’m genuinely helping someone.  It truly is the little things that can make all the world of difference to others and to myself.

I have noticed that my kids and others are watching me and maybe learning from me.  When Houston was devastated by the hurricane, I started putting together non-perishables and clothes to send.  The girls pitched in their unwanted toys – the kids lost their toys, too – and signed cards to send in the packages.  I loved their enthusiasm.  I was purchasing supplies to send to Puerto Rico with someone local who was going there on a humanitarian trip.  Nothing major – just soap, toothbrushes, baby wipes, hand sanitizer, etc. – but sometimes, I wonder how much money I donate is actually going to the people.  This person was going there and would take everything with!  The woman ringing up my purchases asked if I was camping or something.  When I explained that I was just trying to send some help to this devastated area, she was intrigued and wanted to know how to help.

I do not tell you all these things to boast or to make myself sound like an amazing person.  I feel like I could do even more for the world on a daily basis.  I just like feeling like even if my actions are small, they do something.  And my kind actions and attitude make me feel better, so that is a win-win!

– Healthy living:  I’m going to give myself a B- for results and an A+ for effort.  I have been more conscious of my diet, exercise, and lifestyle in the last nine months than I have in my entire life.  I’ve tried to exercise more, to change up my diet and try new/local foods, and to get more quality sleep.  Like I said, A+ for effort.

As far as results….I’m at a plateau.  I physically feel better and healthier.  I notice that I walk taller and prouder, that I am less self-conscious on the beach or in a skirt, and that I am gaining strength and tone again.  However, the scale has not changed much, which is often discouraging.  I am seeing a nutritionist because for many reasons – I have hypoglycemia that I always try to find better ways to manage, I am not losing weight, and it is free – and she is helping me to be less discouraged and more focused on the positive choices and changes I make.  Since my year is not over, I guess this is still a work in progress.

I can say that making resolutions that are manageable and attainable have really helped me in achieving said goals.  I’m still working on these goals and have three months to do so.  Part of writing about them is accountability; I have to keep making efforts and progress.  At the end of the day, resolutions are simply goals.  Nothing is set in stone or must absolutely be met, but it gives people something to strive to attain.  While my living in kindness is easier than healthy living, I will continue to work on each of these until 31 December (or beyond!).


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