2 more days!

The husband arrives home in 2 days.  2 DAYS!  One would think that after all the years of deployments and of the days/months/years apart, it would not be as exciting when he is coming home again.  But it always is.  This year apart has been hard, just as challenging if not more so than the others.  He is ready, I am ready, the kids are ready….even the dog has been antsy and a royal pain in the a** for the past few days, so she knows.  He is coming home!

His arrival is well timed because right now, my kids are driving me a little crazy.  I love them all very much, and I could not imagine my life without them; that being said, I need some space.  Not even distance or time apart, but another partner-in-crime to manage the daily life of the Carpenter family.  The girls are bickering like crazy.  Anya is developing into a beautiful yet sarcastic teenager (this is partially my fault – where does she get it from?).  Leo is a toddler, and a loud, opinionated one at that.  For the past few days, they have ramped up their antics and been almost literally up my butt.  I.  NEED.  SOME.  SPACE.

I am looking forward to not only having another parent in the house but in having my husband back.  I love him – seems obvious, right?  But I love everything about him.  I want to have discussion and debates with him in person.  I want someone to remind me to go to bed when I’m falling asleep in my book on the couch.  I want my person who knows me inside and out and can share life with.  I was running (let’s be honest, run/walking) a race today, and I noticed all these couples together, encouraging one another and enjoying the day.  I craved my husband’s presence, even if the idea of doing a race together sounds terrible.  I just want my husband back, a request that is not too extravagant.

In 2 days – 2 short days – I get him back!  For how long, I cannot tell you.  I would love to say that it is forever, but military life does not give us that guarantee.  I’m crossing my fingers that this is the last year of Korea we have to endure, and if you need me, I’ll be shaving my legs and making the house look presentable.  After all this time, those are my priorities for the homecoming… 🙂


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