Small victories

For a person who writes for two blogs, one would assume that I do not mind sharing a lot about my life. One would be wrong. I find it easy and enjoyable to share some things – the good moments, the funny anecdotes, , the common frustrations – but not everything in a life is that simple. I wonder often about how awful it would be as a celebrity or as a public official, where every aspect of your life is splashed across the internet or TV. Because life is messy and imperfect, and no one likes to portray this for the world to see. We like to see the good, not the normal.

In this spirit, I will share that I have been in a slump. I like to call it a post-holiday slump, a getting-older slump, or even a mom-slump (are you tired of reading that word?). No matter what the reason, it’s happening. My anxiety has been less manageable, my moods are more negative than positive, and I have zero energy for anything that I am not required to do. I know it’s happening, and I’m working at many angles to get up and out of this phase.

small-victoriesMy current daily life is about small victories. I parrot this to my kids and husband all the time, and even the smallest task or accomplishment should be counted as a victory. I often need to take my own advice, as I am doing now. I count the little things. I remembered to put the timer on the coffee for the morning. I took the kids to the beach even if I did not want to leave the house. I finally moved the dresser into Addie’s room. I didn’t eat chocolate today. I cleaned a bathroom. I did not yell at any commuters on the way home. As I said, small victories. Every task or accomplishment, no matter the size, counts.

I think small victories are important because they allow me to feel some sense of satisfaction in the midst of my current slump. It’s like I am telling myself that even if I am feeling down or exhausted, I still was able to do something today. That small victory lights a little flame, which hopefully catches into a fire that will burn away this phase. No, a clean bathroom will not solve any problem, and I’m pretty sure that a prepared cup of coffee in the morning can conquer the world (I could be wrong). But it is enough to get this woman to lift her head higher and to reach for a few more small victories.

As I said, every victory counts.

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