Why I continue to write

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There are so many days where I am up and moving. ALL DAY LONG. I wake up early, get everyone out the door and to school/daycare/work, make long commutes back and forth to work, run kids to practice and tutoring, volunteer, attend meetings, keep a clean decent house, cook meals, and crash in to bed…only to do it all over again the next day.

In an effort to help alleviate some stress, I have been trying to eliminate things I do not need. As much as I hate to admit it, the idea of giving up this blog crossed my mind. I find it challenging to write anything at the end of the day, and I do not have much free time on the weekends. I already write for Military Moms Blog and run the book club for that blog. I can find plenty of excuses to shut this blog down and take one more thing off my never-ending list of to-dos. Writing should be a priority, and it’s obvious that other commitments in my life are taking precedent over writing.

Why do I continue this blog? Why do I even feel the need to write? 

It’s very simple – it is a part of me. I have been writing for as long as I can remember, from fairy tales to argumentative essays to a college thesis and beyond. I was the kid that was excited to write speeches or chose the writing course for summer enrichment classes. Writing has always provided me with an outlet for my mind and my emotions, which is particularly helpful with managing my anxiety. As I said before, it’s a part of me. I’m a writer.

It’s more than being an adept writer or finding it easy. I would not be the same person if I only wrote for work or on notes to teachers. I would not feel normal if I did not have the option to journal or to brainstorm the best way to compose a book review. I do not know if I would love reading nearly as much as I do if I could not write myself; there is always the dream of writing the next great novel. I need writing to keep me balanced and to remind me of who I truly am. So as long as I can write and want to do so, this blog will stay open. The content may vary and the focus may change, but so will I.

Rachel – wife, mother, daughter, sister, friend, employee….and writer.



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