7 things I am lucky to have today

I’m currently sitting at my desk, with the weather channel blasting in the background. Hurricane Lane is taking her sweet time to skirt the islands. School has been canceled. Supplies have been purchased. Water and flashlights are ready. The backyard is cleaner than when we moved into the house. In short, we are ready to ride this thing out.

I find myself surprisingly calm about this. For starters, the storm is weakening as it grows closer to us. I know that we are as prepared as we can be. And really, there is nothing else we can do but stay home and wait. For someone will anxiety, I’m doing pretty well (also, there are meds for dire circumstances. Again, prepared).

Yet, an impending hurricane makes you ponder the things you are lucky to have. Since I have nothing but time right now, and since my electricity is still running, I’ll share these things:

– A home

I do not care if it is big, small, beautiful, or run down. I have a home and a shelter to sit comfortably in for this storm. There is a substantial homeless population here, and I could not imagine wondering how and where I would shelter for the next few days. *In case you were also curious, the state has been guiding and transporting people to shelters as much as possible this week.*

– Internet

I complain that this is a terrible thing sometimes with the continuous flood of news and often misinformation. But today I think it is wonderful. We can get updated info about the hurricane at our fingertips. We can use it to contact our worried families and friends on the mainland. We can research things like hurricane preparation (or in my case, the best way to make coffee without electricity) while sitting in our living room. The Internet is helping today – so today, I am lucky to have it.

– A partner who is physically here

There are many instances when the husband is not here, and he is home for this one. It is  nice to have someone to prep and weather the storm with (see what I did there?). He helped take down our trampoline and outdoor furniture and to drive to multiple stores to get supplies; he will be there when I start to panic or when the power goes out. It is not that I cannot do things on my own. It is nice to not have to.

– Humor

Humor is the best way to get through crappy circumstances, and I have it in spades. We all need humor to lighten the mood, to lift us up when we are scared or frustrated, and to make us laugh and smile. When all is serious and scary, we will be the parents cracking jokes. It’s our nature.

– Caffeine

It is a necessity. Without coffee, I do not run effectively and tend to find everything a little less enjoyable. I stocked up on plenty and am grateful for it.  In case you are new here, I’m about 75% coffee and caffeine on a daily basis. Without it, I’m pretty much a toddler who lost her favorite toy and is coming down from a sugar high. It is unpleasant, and I’m also lucky to have a husband who is ensuring that this does not happen.

– My mini library

There will be a point that we lose power. We lose power here if a good breeze blows through! When it happens, I’ll go through my dozens of books and find entertainment there. I’m lucky to have so much to either read or to re-read. I won’t be bored, I assure you.

– Luck

I’m lucky to have luck? Yes. Weather, natural disasters, catastrophes…they are generally indiscriminate. A hurricane does not care where or who it strikes, and luckily this will not be as bad as it could be (so far). Luck is found in the advance technology and information we receive about the weather. Luck is found in the trips to the store where no one has been crazy and the shelves have been stocked. It is lucky that my family was visiting last week and not this one. There is a good deal of luck and thankfulness to be found in this and many situations like this.

So I will continue to sit and thank my lucky stars for the things, people, and circumstances I do have while I await the rain and wind of Hurricane Lane. You can always find the things you are lucky to have in any situation, just like I am today.

To everyone in the path of the hurricane, flash flooding in the states, and the typhoon is eastern Asia – stay safe!



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