The Beautifull Project

There are so many different websites and media dedicated to women. Entire bookstore sections are dedicated to women’s health, beauty, fitness, and more. Magazines and advertisements are everywhere with images of the perfect female form. Yet how many are focused on your beauty, without standards or conformity to what society deems “normal?”

Enter The Beautifull Project.

Founded in 2018 by Sarah Stevens, this website is an invitation and an initiative to embrace our bodies, our minds, and all the beauty in our lives. Sarah writes in her bio that instead of continually searching for the “fix” or perfection in her body and life, “she seeks to be full, to take up space, to move in the world with as much substance as her greatness requires.” The authors use the manifesto below to tell stories, to write letters, and to inspire and uplift all women.

©️The Beautifull Project

I was contacted by Sarah and asked to write a love letter for this site. It was one of my favorite projects to date – a letter to my daughters on bravery. I feel honored to be allowed to share my words among these women and to help spread their manifesto to others.

Please click here to read my piece, Hold on to Your Bravery: A Letter of Admiration to my Girls. As I said above, this is one I am especially proud of. And please browse The Beautifull Project site to learn more about the authors and their message!


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