What Have You Been Reading? December Edition

It may have been mentioned that I read a ridiculous amount of books. Once or twice, right? I make a goal to read 100 books each year (and sadly, I am falling short this year. No one is more disappointed than I am). The library is one of my favorite places to write and wander. My husband and I will go to the bookstore…for a date. I carry a large handbag just to accommodate a book with me everywhere. 

I like books. No, I LOVE BOOKS.

So I am going to share with you monthly what I’m reading. I wanted to try for once a week back in August; I only completed one week before giving up  on this goal. Oops. I think a monthly post is more attainable. So sit back, get your Goodreads lists or Kindles ready, and see what I’m reading or will be reading this month:

Queen of Air and Darkness; Cassandra Clare

Did you know I actually love young adult fantasy? I was never into this genre as a kid but have grown to enjoy it. I always thought that “young adult” meant teenager reads – wrong!

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I have been waiting for this book, the third and final installment of The Dark Artifices series. The second book ended in such a cliffhanger – why do authors leave us hanging like that for months or years? Secrets, relationships, alliances, and the past are promised to be revealed as Emma, Julian, and the others fight for equality for every being in the mortal world. Will Emma and Julian find a way to break their parabatai bond to be together? Will the family find a way to grieve and move on from death, or will family members take dark measures to restore those that are lost? Will the Unseelie King and his court attack? So many questions to be answered in this hefty book. It comes in at 720 pages!

Only Human; Sylvain Neuvel

The third and final book in The Themis Files series, this book follows our main characters upon their return to Earth. Dr. Rose Franklin, Vincent Couture, and his daughter Eva have spent the last 10 years on Esat Ekt, the home of the creators of the robot Themis. They were inadvertently sent there inside Themis at the end of the previous book and after saving Earth from further destruction. Upon their return, they realize that much has changed in their decade away – and it is not pleasant. What will they do, now that they have returned? Again, I’ve been waiting to read this final chapter in the series; I hope it does not disappoint.

Children of Blood & Bone; Tomi Adeyemi

I was really attempting to steer away from a new series. I like to come into a series after most of the books have been released; therefore, I can binge read without that painful anticipation and waiting period for the next book. I first saw this book on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon as a part of their “Summer Reads” pick. I resisted and resisted until Black Friday – this book was on sale for $2.99 on iBooks. I may be able to resist a series, but I cannot resist a good deal.

This debut novel by Adeyemi takes place in the land of Orïsha, where magi and magic have been outlawed and banished by the tyrant king. Zélie, her brother Tzain, and their father are struggling to survive without her Reaper mother and magic. On a trip to sell a fish in capital, they cross paths with Princess Amari; it is this event that changes everyone’s lives. Will magic ever be allowed to return to Orïsha? Will Zélie ever find vengeance or even happiness after all the loss she has experienced?


The author discusses what motivated her to write elements of this story: the violence against black people in America. Her story echoes similar headlines and tales portrayed in the media, and she wrote this blog piece about how these stories not only keep her up at night but encourage her to keep writing. I found it interesting when a similar plot or real news headline was retold in this fictional and fantasy story. I wonder if readers experienced different emotions than their real life counterparts?

Raven of the Sea; Stacey Reynolds

I cannot write much about this book – I just started it! I chose this book for the MilMB Book Club, an online book club that I run through the Military Moms Blog. This book was featured on our 2018 Holiday Gift Guide, and the author is a military spouse – how perfect is that for the book club? This book is set in Ireland and follows Branna and Michael, two very different individuals joined by location, circumstance, and fight over a cottage. As they battle one another for the real estate, they learn more about one another – will either prevail or will they find common ground (or even love)? I’ll let you know what I find!

I believe I have caught you up on all my current reading. Who am I kidding? There will be other books in between – so come back in January to see what else I’m reading!

What did you read this month?


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