Best Christmas Gifts of 2018

I love Christmas. The lights, the decor, the food, the emotions…all of it. But my absolute favorite part of Christmas is the gifts. I love buying gifts, receiving gifts, and trying extra hard to get that perfect little something for those I love.

I like gifts – sue me.

I never worry about the gifts given to me because that never really matters. I enjoy every thought and idea put into the gifts I receive. Each gift is usually perfect for me – something quirky, original, desired, or thoughtful. My entire family has always tried give great and meaningful gifts, and this year did not disappoint (yet again).

Here are my favorite Christmas gifts this year:

  • A custom book from the husband: Andy was super proud of this one. He made a book through Love Book Online and created this. It is all details of our relationship and lives that are personal, funny, romantic, and even inappropriate. I laughed out loud reading it, and I love it more than words can describe.
  • Apple Watch (3 Series): I have been on the fence for awhile about this. I have used a FitBit for years and love it – why switch? Honestly, it was the great Black Friday deal that sold me. An Apple Watch was only slightly more than a new FitBit (which I needed. I’ve been gluing my FitBit together for months), and it offered a $50 Apple gift card. Sold! So far, I like the ease of use and the handoff between other Apple devices. It is comfortable and provides a lot of use for exercise, health, calling, texting, and even relaxation.
  • Starbucks gift cards: so basic, yet so necessary. I often write at the Starbucks by my office. So often that they know my name. And my coffee order. And what time I will arrive. I feel like Norm from Cheers when I walk in and everyone calls, “Hi Rachel!” The life of a coffee addict and small time writer, right?
  • funny socks from my mom and stepfather: I like the quirky gifts. Anything that is unique or funny is a win in my book, so my family knows that t-shirts, socks, books, magnets, etc. are always welcome.
  • Any gifts from co-workers: so many to tell. From a car flashlight to California Pizza Kitchen gift cards to snow globe cupcake kits, all of these were unexpected and perfect. I have only worked at my current company for a few months; the fact that these wonderful people would not only buy me gifts but would pick gifts that were perfect to me was overwhelmingly kind. I loved ALL of them, no matter what it was.

Christmas is not entirely about gift giving, but I love this part of the season. It is not about spending a lot of money or getting the flashiest gifts. To me, it is about finding the right and perfect gifts for all my loved ones. The look on their faces when receiving said gift is such a wonderful feeling – enough to last me through the post-holiday slump of January. The fact that I usually receive the most perfect gifts only enhances this joy.

What was your favorite gift you gave or received this year?


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