New Year, New Name!

I hate resolutions. There are numerous studies that show how easily they fail, and that only makes the person who made the resolution feel worse. Instead of these, I make goals.

I make short and long term goals – things that are easily attainable and what I really want to accomplish. My biggest long term goal is to rebrand and refocus this blog. I have been writing for other sites and people, and I love it! But my first baby was this blog, and I want to really push myself to succeed with this space as well.

The problem? I could not think of a new name and focus. Nothing at all.

I have resisted the idea of writing with a motherhood focus. Is this all I am? Can I not contribute anything more than words on parenting? I did not want to just be a military spouse and mom either. Instead of looking at this as something that labels and pigeon-holes me, I realized that motherhood could be written about in any way.

Motherhood is more than diapers, babies, parenting, and mess. It is about the life in between.

It is the art of keeping your own personality and life in the thick of raising children. It is about balancing your own life with your family’s. It is about the challenges to marriages and relationships. Motherhood is about the triumphs AND the struggles of parenting, without trying to project the image that everything is always perfect. Motherhood is about life. Motherhood is about YOU, the mother, in all aspects of your life.

I thought about this, found my niche, and the husband gave me a new name (give credit where it is due!) – so now, this site is…

Tales of a 4 Child Mom!

I hope you all enjoy the new look! Please continue to follow my writing as I chronicle modern motherhood in all its forms. Happy reading!


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