Reading? Like it’s a challenge…my 2019 Reading Women challenge

Rachel truth: I hate being told what to read.

Maybe it is because I spent a LONG time in college and was made to read many things I was not interested in (to be fair, it’s also how I discovered some new favorite authors like Chinua Achebe and Emily Brönte). It could be because I read a lot anyways, so why would I need to be directed as to what to read? I also tend to not fully trust popular opinion when it comes to books. Most likely, it is because I loathe being told what to do period.

I follow a good amount of book lover and publisher Instagrams, and I came across a reading challenge from the Reading Women. This is the home of Kendra and Autumn, grad school friends turned podcast hosts. A mutual love of feminist literature and talking about it became a renowned podcast and site. They state that both have enjoyed book challenges and love hosting their own each year.

I was turning my nose up at it, naturally, but I glanced at it again. This is not so much telling one what to read but giving parameters for book selections. Additionally, the theme centers on women: female writers, characters, subjects, different cultures, etc.

I am going to read books that fell within these parameters regardless. Why not try a little challenge?

Unlike other challenges, this is easily doable. 24 books in a year – that’s nothing for this book nerd and speed reader. I thought about it for maybe 30 seconds, then found their info and site to get started. And unlike other resolutions or goals I have made in the past, I’m excited about this one!

reading women challenge 2019
Screenshot of the challenge from their Instagram page!

If you are interested in their reading challenge, click here to go to their site for the official details, book tracker, podcast, and more. I’ll keep you posted on how well I do!

Have you ever completed a reading challenge? Comment below and share!


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