What have you been reading? February Edition

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So many books, so little time…a cliche, but so painfully accurate. I mentioned last month that I am following the Reading Women’s 2019 Reading Challenge, and I have a goal to read 100 books this year. As of today, I am at 14 books and have completed 7 from the reading challenge. So I’m off to a good start!

My challenge so far!

Yet I always feel that I do not have enough time to read. The husband and I were discussing my book hoarding collection, and I reassured him that I would read every single book I have purchased. His counter was that this was impossible because I always buy new books and borrow a ton from the library. My shelf of “to-reads” books never shrinks. He said I would never read all the books I wanted to read because there would always be more that I wanted to read.

And that thoroughly depressed me. I am determined to prove him wrong (even though he isn’t).

Here are the books I’ve been reading in February:

  • An Anonymous Girl (Greer Hendricks and Sarah Pekkanen): I received an advance copy of this book from the publisher and just now got around to reading it. And I could not put it down and finished it in 3 days. Jessica, a struggling makeup artist in New York City, is drawn into a paid study about ethics and morality. As the study advances, the stakes are raised and the questions are more challenging. Jessica begins to see her actions in a different way, and the study begins to impede on her real life. As she learns more about the mysterious doctor conducting the study and is pushed past normal doctor/patient boundaries, the morals and ethics of all involved are questioned. In the end, who is morally ambiguous? This female author duo delivers another thrilling, twisting story that was intriguing from page 1 and until the end.
An Anonymous GirlObscura
  • Obscura (Joe Hart): I have been on a sci-fi kick lately. This book drew me in with the premise of space, illness, and mystery. Dr. Gillian Ryan is the foremost researcher into an aggressive form of dementia that killed her husband and is afflicting her young daughter. When an old friend from NASA offers her the chance to fund her research indefinitely in exchange for her help, she is intrigued. She and others board a mission to a space station where the occupants are experiencing similar symptoms: memory loss, irrational behavior, psychosis, and violent impulses. Yet nothing is as it seems during the mission, and Gillian finds her life and others in danger as they hurtle millions of miles from Earth and home. I LOVED this book and wish it was a series, as the ending left me wanting more.
  • The Cruel Prince and The Wicked King (Holly Black): young adult novels are not just for the young. I have been hooked on various series in the past decade that fall under this category. Holly Black’s series The Folk of Air is my latest venture, and I was not disappointed. The books take place in the lands of Faerie. They follow Jude Duarte, a mortal taken with her sisters to live here with Madoc, the General of the High King. It is difficult to be a mortal in this land, and Jude wants nothing more than to belong in this world. She must be quicker and smarter than others to win a place in Faerie. But secrets will be revealed that show that her life there is even more complicated than she thought. I found The Cruel Prince at the library and loved it so much, I had to buy The Wicked King. Now, after the mother of all cliffhangers, I am anxiously waiting for the third book!
The Cruel Prince (Folk of the Air Series #1)The Wicked King (B&N Exclusive) (Folk of the Air Series #2)

It’s been a slow month for reading, but February is short. Right? Check out any of these books by clicking on their picture.

Now is also a great time to stock up on book- Barnes & Noble is holding their Book Haul sale until March 4. A few of the books I listed are included in the sale! With new releases, classics, young adult, and more books at 50% off, supplies won’t last long – so head over there and restock your books shelves! Or add to the ever growing pile, in my case. 🙂

What have you been reading lately? I’d love to hear about it!


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    1. I agree! I found it at the library and it was barely checked out before I had it. It was so unexpected, and the story was not what I thought it would be.

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