How to Save Money on Monthly Utilities

This post is sponsored by LSEO. For more information on this organization, please click the link. Whether you just purchased a new home among Colorado Springs real estate or in any city; or you’ve lived in your house for many years; minimizing your utility bills can help significantly when it comes to your household budget.…


Inception in real life: vivid and lucid dreaming

I had a rough night of sleep. My dreams were plagued with visions of death and pain. I woke up several times in a panic, only to fall back into sleep and these terrible dreams. I finally arose for the day before my alarm, exhausted, and in genuine fear. The last and worst dream shook…

Guest Post: Parenting with Anxiety

or sufferers of anxiety, parenting has extra challenges. The stress of handling disobedience from your kids can feel like a meaningful threat. Your palms sweat, your heart races, the room can feel like it's closing in on you. Everyday tasks like a trip to the grocery store or meeting with a teacher can cause anxiety to go through the roof.