Blogs I Like: Bunratty: Ireland’s Most Authentic Medieval Castle

And yet another place we should go see. Browsing through travel blogs has given me so many ideas for traveling – now if I can find a benefactor for all the expenses… 🙂

Summer Setting

I beg to differ with anybody who says Bunratty Castle is overrated. I think it’s been underrated by several of the popular guidebooks and would prefer a day strolling through the castle and folk park here any day to trying to hang upside down so I could kiss the Blarney Stone. I mean, really…think about it…Of course, by the time we arrived, Alan could only think of one thing: “I hope they have a tea room with good food and a good view!” Ah…we were in luck! 🙂We got to sit at the best table in the house and enjoyed steaming pots of tea with egg salad sandwiches and carrot cake. If you know Alan, you know this was a big hit! (And, he deserved lots of good food and appreciation, because he did 100% of the driving—a very difficult job with his crazy wife planning the itinerary!)

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Blogs I Like: Walls of Dubrovnik

These pictures took me back…it looks exactly the same as I remember it. Hope I can go back someday!


The historic walled city at the southernmost tip of Croatia is as exceptional from the ground as it is from the sky. Massive stone walls run high and low, encircling the Old Town of Dubrovnik and framing an uninterrupted course on the edge of the Adriatic Sea. Dotted with turrets and towers, the two kilometre-long climb reaches its peak at 25m, overlooking terracotta rooftops as far as the eye can see.

Though built during the Middle Ages, the Great Wall has been reinforced throughout its history, and remains remarkably intact. Some of its fortresses and defensive towers serve as jumping off points for bathers and are even used as bars. Having a nighttime drink on the cascading rock edge is a delightful sensory experience. It’s pitch black – just moonlight, candlelight, and the constant rhythm of the waves.

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Blogs I Like: Madrid Day 3: Segovia by Day, Madrid by Night

Madrid Day 3: Segovia by Day, Madrid by Night.   I like this blog for obvious reasons - we are living in Europe right now and trying to make good use of our time here by seeing as much as we can!  This gives me some good ideas for where to go, some of which…

Blogs I Like: The Embarrassing Side Effects of Having Recently Read “The Hunger Games”

The Embarrassing Side Effects of Having Recently Read "The Hunger Games".   In short, this was and is me.  I read all three of the Hunger Games series in a week.  I took them with me to the kitchen to cook. I took them to bed to read while annoying my husband with the light…

Blogs I Like: Ten things I`ve learnt from being a WordPress blogger

Ten things I`ve learnt from being a WordPress blogger. First of all, I love the title of this blog - The Skinny Jeans and Starbucks Chronicles.  This sounds like me right there without even having to read it.  Second of all, this particular post offers some truths you might uncover yourself as a blogger or…

Blogs I Like: Pinterest is killing you softly with its song

Pinterest is killing you softly with its song. I am also a Pinterest semi-addict, and even I can recognize some of the things in this blog.  However, it is fun to get ideas and to look/dream about what you could possibly have or do.  I have done some of the recipes, crafts, and decor ideas…

Lots of readers!

Over 3,600 views - woo hoo!  I love the responses, the comments, and the acknowledgements - keep them coming.  If you are reading this, thank you.  Thank you for taking the time to read this, for the support, and for the hope you give to this struggling writer/student/wife/mom.  You are amazing!

Blogs I Like: Yes, they are ALL mine! Answers to those rude questions about large families!

I grew up in a large family, so my parents and even us kids received some of these questions.  I particularly like the "Boy, you have your hands full!" comment, which I get myself with three small children.  Duh, I have my hands full - thank God you are there to point it out for…

Blogs I Like: Losing Yourself and Finding Some Chocolate: Beating the Writer’s Block

Losing Yourself and Finding Some Chocolate: Beating the Writer's Block.   This particular blog described how I feel often - I write so much and for so many different reasons that when I sit down to write for my own enjoyment or satisfaction, I usually end up stumped.  I once had a writer's block for…