It’s just a bad day, not a setback

Anxiety does not take a day off. I have been doing this long enough to see the signs and know when it is rearing its ugly, inconvenient head. It likes to pop up at the exact moment you think you are doing so well; I had just told my therapist that I felt really good and stable. Ironic, but completely on pattern.


Guest Post: Parenting with Anxiety

or sufferers of anxiety, parenting has extra challenges. The stress of handling disobedience from your kids can feel like a meaningful threat. Your palms sweat, your heart races, the room can feel like it's closing in on you. Everyday tasks like a trip to the grocery store or meeting with a teacher can cause anxiety to go through the roof.

Every day is judgment day

I was talking to my therapist about my anxiety (which was going pretty well until this week - more about that in another post). I was questioning the logic of anxiety, a ridiculous train of thought considering anxiety has no logic. When talking about triggers, I explained that social events are frequently a trigger; it…

Depression, Anxiety, and Why We Need To Keep Talking About It All

Truth time: I have anxiety and depression. The anxiety has been a constant for awhile, but the depression is a new phase in my personal experience with mental illness. I have debated on how or if I wanted to say anything, to anyone, but I'm learning from therapy and experience that keeping it all inside…

How to shame spiral in 30 seconds or less (this is not a success story)

It always begins in the same way - and by that, I mean that I am doing something perfectly normal and routine, and the guilt hits me out of nowhere. The shame, the anxiety, the horror, the reliving and reimagining over and over again of a situation or event...and it comes out of nowhere. Today's…