Loving this body is a work in progress

I have never loved my body the way I should. My battle between what I see and what others see is one that I am continually fighting and often losing. I have been unkind to my body by overeating and starving it; by exercising too much or refusing to move at all; by finding its failures and overlooking its successes. I have punished it for simply surviving.


Guest Post: Parenting with Anxiety

or sufferers of anxiety, parenting has extra challenges. The stress of handling disobedience from your kids can feel like a meaningful threat. Your palms sweat, your heart races, the room can feel like it's closing in on you. Everyday tasks like a trip to the grocery store or meeting with a teacher can cause anxiety to go through the roof.

Depression, Anxiety, and Why We Need To Keep Talking About It All

Truth time: I have anxiety and depression. The anxiety has been a constant for awhile, but the depression is a new phase in my personal experience with mental illness. I have debated on how or if I wanted to say anything, to anyone, but I'm learning from therapy and experience that keeping it all inside…

How to shame spiral in 30 seconds or less (this is not a success story)

It always begins in the same way - and by that, I mean that I am doing something perfectly normal and routine, and the guilt hits me out of nowhere. The shame, the anxiety, the horror, the reliving and reimagining over and over again of a situation or event...and it comes out of nowhere. Today's…