My kid actually likes me

Not much of a revelation? For a 15 year old, this is huge. For me, it is even more because that is all I've ever wanted with my children.


How to shame spiral in 30 seconds or less (this is not a success story)

It always begins in the same way - and by that, I mean that I am doing something perfectly normal and routine, and the guilt hits me out of nowhere. The shame, the anxiety, the horror, the reliving and reimagining over and over again of a situation or event...and it comes out of nowhere. Today's…

Why I do not take homecoming pictures

We are a military family.  The husband is gone a fair amount of time, so homecomings are always a fun, exciting event.  We have done so many of them, we could write a book about it.  Right?  WRONG.  Take all those pictures of happy men and women in uniform, smiling kids and babies, balloons, posters,…