The return of those familiar feelings

Those feelings, the depression - it creeps back into my life without any consideration or care. It's awful, and I hate it. So because I hate it, I'll do what I can to fight it.


From 2 to 14 – parenting at all the ages

It's been a hot minute since I have written. Why, do you ask? Because I have 4 kids, a husband, a job, a volunteer position, and a lot of books to read. I generally do not like to complain about how exhausting life can be (except to my husband), but lately the parenting has been…

Why I do not take homecoming pictures

We are a military family.  The husband is gone a fair amount of time, so homecomings are always a fun, exciting event.  We have done so many of them, we could write a book about it.  Right?  WRONG.  Take all those pictures of happy men and women in uniform, smiling kids and babies, balloons, posters,…